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Getting technical

Discover the wealth of knowledge and expertise behind our managed WiFi technology and services.

We are WiFi specialists

All we do is WiFi. That means we’ve got the know-how to provide our partners, customers and service providers with amazing wireless solutions. Our business model delivers an open network platform, so multiple partners can leverage a single network. This ensures quality, consistency and ease of use.

Our platform

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of our platform. We can deliver a proven WiFi service wherever your business needs, whether you want to cover city centres or café tables.

Public IP compliance

Our platform takes care of all the legal aspects of delivering public IP services. These include legal and data compliance.

User authentication

Our platform lets you decide how users access the network. Whether that means free access for users, premium access or delivery of activation codes for closed user groups, we can provide what you need.

Service provider interconnection

We’re committed to letting customers with existing WiFi service accounts access our network – through a single integration. Our partners currently include Phones 4U and iPass, plus loads of other internet and mobility service providers.

Device-specific experiences

Forget laptops – smartphones, tablets and other wireless-enabled devices are the future of WiFi usage. And that’s why we make sure we can deliver content, services, and connectivity to this new generation of devices, including the PSP, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices and more.

Content and applications

Our platform delivers targeted branding, media and content capability.

Installation and equipment

We deliver when we say we will – and we do a great job when it comes to installation. How? We only use type-approved network equipment and work with qualified installation and maintenance companies.

Network management

We operate three main network hubs for internet connectivity and peering. Our edge and core networks are monitored 24/7 with escalation and resolutions paths.

Hotspot locations

United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Georgia, Kazakhstan.


Our Partners