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"Today it is almost as important to provide high quality wireless internet service, as it is to serve beers at the right temperature"

-Stars & Stripes sports bar

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Attract more customers and give them another reason to keep spending. Plus, being part of Sky means you can get free WiFi if you already have the Business Sky TV package.


WiFi boosts business at Cramptons

"We've been amazed by the impact that free WiFi has had - it's attracted an extra new crowd who are now a vital part of our business."

George Thorley, Thorley Taverns' operations manager

Company Background

Cramptons, a Thorley Taverns pub, has a prime location in Broadstairs, Kent. The venue caters for many types of customers throughout the week. As Gareth Barrett, General Manager of Cramptons, explains, "Our Monday to Friday daytime trade is very much food-led. We offer lunchtime deals, which help us to bring in business people, students and young families. We are very busy weekday evenings and weekends when we show live sport and are very much food and wet led. Weekend evenings we offer a club atmosphere where we are very wet led."



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Indulging in the mobile journey

For many landlords, WiFi has become an essential part of their business. It enables customers to log onto WiFi from their mobile device and access everything from social networks to apps and mobile retail sites. This kind of access has the potential to increase the amount of time people spend in the pubs and therefore could impact profits.

Gareth Barrett made the decision to invest in WiFi because he wanted to set his venue apart from his competitors, "as the trend turns toward more food led pubs, WiFi is becoming a necessity for us to compete with the big brand cafes and restaurants."

‘Cheers’ to The Cloud

After looking for a WiFi provider that understood its needs and those of its customers, Cramptons chose to partner with The Cloud.The BSkyB-owned WiFi provider had a proven track record in offering fast WiFi in major venues across the UK, including PizzaExpress, City of London and many major rail hubs. 

Getting the service up and running quickly was also key in deciding to sign with The Cloud. As Barrett  explains, "I look to bring in services that are worry free. There was only a one-time installation and set-up fee. As an engineer installed the WiFi, he phoned us beforehand to confirm the appointment and arrived promptly. Once it was up and running the engineer was informative and answered any questions we had."

Boosting the Business with WiFi

The number of users has grown 80% from February 2012 to January 2013 and"customers are very happy with the WiFi service," Barrett explained. "Many have commented on the speed of the connection and the overall quality of the service. Reliability and quality is very important to us as it is a reflection on our business, we want our customers to know they will receive reliable and quality service from all aspects of our business."

Gareth has also seen a boost in his business since WiFi was installed,"we have seen a 25% increase in our daytime trade. Our £5 lunchtime meal deal helps bring in customers and offering free WiFi has helped to keep our customers in the pub longer and get them to come back again and again."

Table service has also been introduced at Cramptons, which has helped to increase revenue, "We've trained staff to run a table service for customers using WiFi to cater to their needs without having them leave their laptops/ tablets. This has helped us to upsell additional pints, teas/ coffees and bar snacks which has brought in additional revenue."

Equally enthusiastic about the new WIFi service is George Thorley, Thorley Taverns' operations manager, who has seen positive results across the business, "we've been amazed by the impact that free WIFi's had - it's attracted an extra new crowd who are now a vital part of our business."

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