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Where can I get FastConnect?

To get FastConnect on your device click here. This will take you to our 'Get The App' page where you can see the links for download.

Alternatively you can search 'FastConnect' in your device's appstore.

Why register a device?

Registration gives your device automatic connection. When you register your device you link it to your account so we know it's you, meaning we no longer need to ask you for a username and password when you visit an unlimited free hotspot. 

How do I register my device?

If you download FastConnect and open the app you will be prompted to register your device. First you will need to create or login with your Cloud account, then follow the quick, simple steps to register.

Can I change my registered devices?

You can register 2 devices per Cloud account. If you try to register a third device against a single account you will prompted to reset your allocation.

Can I download the new WiFi Profile away from a Cloud hotspot?

Yes, but your device will be in a 'partially registered' state.  To complete the process and fully activate the new WiFi profile, you will need to connect to _The Cloud in a Cloud venue.  Please login using your username and password, so that the device you intend on registering will be associated with the new profile. This is a one time only process and following this you will autoconnect to The Cloud.

How can I connect to the _The Cloud X SSID

In order to connect to the _The Cloud X SSID you will need to have a Cloud Profile installed. To download the profile you will need to have The Cloud FastConnect App installed on your device. (IOS and Android coming soon).

I've got The Cloud X profile installed but I'm asked to login when I connect to _The Cloud SSID.

If you connect a device to a _The Cloud SSID before it's been connected to an _The Cloud X SSID we won't have been able to identify your device for seamless access on the _The Cloud SSID yet. Simply log in to complete the process. You should only need to do this once. This will mostly affect devices running iOS7.


You are connected to a venue that does not have a free service running. Simply follow the on screen instructions to access the network.

How to Install/Remove your Cloud WiFi Profile

The Cloud WiFi Profile is provisioned to your device when you first register via FastConnect.
If you need to remove or re-install the profile follow these steps.

On iOS

  1. Go to Settings > General > Profiles
  2. Select WiFi Profile powered by The Cloud
  3. Select Remove
  4. Confirm Remove Profile. If you have a passcode enabled on your phone you will be asked to enter it.

If you see more than one Cloud WiFi Profile repeat the steps until all are removed.

Then Go back into the FastConnect app
Select the More tab
Click Install WiFi Profile and follow the instructions.


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