WiFi comes to the London Overground

Fed up with having to struggle on an unreliable 3G connection as you wait for your train?

Well, if you're a commuter who uses the London Overground network we've got some good news for you. From this summer we'll be installing our WiFi in all 56 London Overground stations, so you can get connected on the platforms and in the waiting areas, whether that's for checking emails to catch up on work or streaming video to entertain yourself while you wait. The service is free for the first 60 minutes.

There are over 5m journeys made on London Overground each month, and amongst the stations on the network are major commuting hubs like Willesden Junction, Shepherd's Bush and West Croydon, so this service will benefit huge numbers of people over the coming months.

Ultimately it means that commuters will be able to get faster and more reliable access than if they had to depend solely on the 3G network which can often get congested, especially either end of the day in rush hour. And, if you're a commuter, that can only be a good thing.