How to use WiFi to sell more

There is no doubting the power of WiFi. Venue owners from high street retailers to train stations have realised that customers expect fast and reliable internet access wherever they are.

But what many businesses do not realise is WiFi can also be used as a revenue driver - particularly for retailers, restaurants, bars and leisure outlets.

So with this in mind, here are our five ways to use WiFi to sell more:

1. When a customer logs on to The Cloud WiFi network they'll see a landing page as part of a branded customer journey. The branded landing page is essentially the 'front page' of the WiFi service and it's the first page the customer will see when they log on. Not only is this a great branding tool but it also sets the scene for the first-class,
high-quality WiFi experience they are about to receive.

2. The branded landing page is also valuable real estate to place promotions - discount codes or timed offers that change depending on where and when people log on. The page can be used to promote in-store offers, campaigns, QR codes and information announcements. In addition to this mobile enabled websites can be supported via WiFi enabling in-store cross sell opportunities.

3. WiFi allows companies to deliver new ways of shopping, for instance through mobile apps that allow customers to order and pay for goods. Pizza Express, a Cloud customer, does this particularly well. In June last year they launched an application which allows customers to order and pay for food via their Smartphone. The application means customers receive a far swifter service and in turn Pizza Express is able to
cater for more diners. Another of our customers currently innovating with WiFi are
Ted Baker, who have in-store iPads that let customers browse through online
merchandise to locate items which may be out-of-stock but available online. Innovative
retailers like M&S are using augmented reality so customers can buy
products with one click from their smartphone screen.

4. Use the data you can gather through the regular reporting The Cloud provide to learn more about your customers and their behaviour - for instance, what times are busiest, how often do people visit, how long they stay and whether they are they using smartphones or tablets. All are powerful indicators available that could help you target your customers with the right marketing messages at the right times.

5. Customers using WiFi often stay longer than they originally planned which creates the opportunity to offer more services. Furthermore, the longer a customer stays in your facilities the more likely it is they'll spend. Providing WiFi is a great way to entice your
customers to linger for another 10 minutes and buy that extra latte!