Why invest in mobile advertising?

Written by Graeme Parton:

It's difficult to ignore the benefits offered by mobile advertising. Businesses which don't consider expanding their usual approach to advertising, past the established channels like print and TV, may well get left behind by their forward-thinki ... Continue reading →

Mobile devices responsible for third of online sales

Written by: Laura Varley

A third of all online sales are made via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) says.

According to bizreport.com, 11 per cent of retailers expect more than half of their online sa ... Continue reading →

Free wi-fi most desired hotel room amenity

Written by: Laura Varley

Having access to free wi-fi is the number one sought-after hotel room amenity, a new poll reveals.

According to aol.co.uk, the poll from Hotels.com shows that having free access to the internet is even more important than having a b ... Continue reading →

"Multi-tasking" chips could improve wi-fi speeds

Written by: David Howells

New technology could be used to help wi-fi points "multi-task" in order to provide a much faster connection, gizmondo.co.uk claims.

Chip-maker Qualcomm has announced it will support so-called multi-user-multiple-input-multiple outp ... Continue reading →

FCC wi-fi vote a "big win for consumers"

Written by: Richard Towey

Mobile users are being informed that a key vote on wi-fi network access the could pave the way for faster connections.

The Federal Communications Commission has voted in favour of network providers gaining improved access to freque ... Continue reading →